Our Brewers

At Alcatraz we are fortunate and proud to feature the Brewing Dream Team with 65+ years of craft brewing experience.

Don Barkley

Don Barkley is the Godfather of Craft Brewing, having brewed craft beer longer than anyone in the U.S. He started at New Albion – America’s first craft brewery – in 1978 and went on to become Master Brewer at Mendocino Brewing where he helped spark the craft beer revolution with Red Tail Ale.

James Costa

James Costa has been brewing spectacular beers for over 30 years, ever since his start at Bear Republic where he helped create Racer 5 IPA. He has judged at the Great American Beer Festival and has won many medals there, including two Golds. He has also won four Gold Medals and a Best of Show at the California State Fair.

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